Dr.Nona Novaya Aroma hygienic lipstick




Dr.Nona Novaya Aroma hygienic lipstick
• Sandal- the smell is specific, but many people note that they do not want to eat at all in the atmosphere wrapped in sandalwood. You can sniff when there is a desire to eat something extra.
• Vanilla- reduces cravings for sweets.
• Fennel- this is one of the metabolic stimulants. Fennel is especially clever at dealing with fats.
• Dill essential oil- activate the secretion of bile,relieve pain,help with flatulence. Such properties of dill allow it to take a place among the means that normalize appetite.
Women have long noticed that the applied lipstick affects appetite.
Scientists at the Clinic Lenom used this scientific fact and developed a unique lipstick that corrects our appetite.
Smell is the oldest of all ways of orienting a person in space. Namely,the smells whet the appetite. The sensitivity of the human olfactory system is much higher than the sensitivity of the taste buds of the tongue ( the thinnest). The impulse sent by the nose to the brain reaches faster than the painful one, and often it guides our actions.
It is there, in the limbic system of the brain,that impulses are sent, from where different parts of the brain are connected: the pituitary gland, which is responsible for the production of hormones and regulates body temperature, human sexual behavior, appetite and that part of the cerebral cortex that controls intelligence, emotions, memory. The sense of smell involves about 20 million receptors of the olfactory epithelium, which are bare nerve endings. Therefore, scientists of the Clinic Lenom took this path in decreasing appetite!
If you have arranged a fasting day,you need drastic measures to combat hunger!!!!


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