Halo Slimsin coffee mix




Halo Slimsin coffee mix
Unusual properties of Halo Slimsin coffee mix:
1. Regulates the hormonal background of women and reduces the addiction to sweets.
2. Contained saponin prevents the absorption of cholesterol,as well as the formation of asterosclerotic plaques.
3. Potassium and calcium cope with the excess amount of uric acid. And this,in turn,prevents the appearance of arthritis and gout.
4. Chlorophyll contained in Alfa cleanses our body and prevents intoxication.
5. A vitamins,minerals and acids that make up the ingredients of Halo Slimsin coffee mix are simply irreplaceable for the body: iron,zinc,potassium,calcium,as well as citric,malic,ascorbic,fumaric, oxalic acid.


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