Irritation, stress and insomnia often unpleasantly affect our quality of life. These factors result in various health problems and it is necessary to timely and effectively prevent them. Yamseen helps support restful sleep.
HALO-YAMSEEN – The supplement is very effective in supporting the body in following situations: shifts in the cardiovascular system as hypertension, ischemic heart muscles; normalizes sleep, relieves fear; stress, nervous breakdowns, neurasthenia; increases the potency; children’s convulsions; atherosclerosis; urinary incontinence; cerebral vasospasm; excessive excitement.

HALO-YAMSEEN is a unique product, which helps in stressful conditions, insomnia and nervousness. It has a beneficial effect on the nervous system and a preventive effect against heart failure. In today’s chaotic, hectic times, it soothes and protects our organism from nervous strain and exhaustion from lack of sleep.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Lemon balm, purple passionflower, common hop, corn poppy Halo-complex.

– it helps with sleep disorders
– it reduces irritation and stress · it relieves menstrual pain
– it has a positive effect on nervous tension · it protects against heart disorders

RECOMMENDED DOSE: 1 capsule before bedtime, it should be swallowed with a glass of water (it is not recommended to drive during the day after taking Halo-Yarnseen). The effect of Halo-Yamseen will be reinforced, if you take a bath in Dr.Nona Salts before bedtime.
All Dr. Nona products have been approved by the Ministry of Health of Israel known for its strict policy on quality product manufacturing and efficacy. They are natural, do not include animal derivatives, and have never been tested on
animals. The capsules are made from vegetable and Contains no parabens
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